By-Laws of the Paul Madore Chorale

Article I

The name of this Association shall be:
The Paul Madore Chorale, Inc.

Article II

The purpose of this Association shall be:

  1. To provide for its members an opportunity to learn and perform exceptional music.
  2. to encourage the public appreciation of exceptional music through the presentation of multiple public concerts throughout the year.
  3. To enlist patronage in support of the Assocation.
  4. To build and maintain a concert audience through a non-profit plan.

Article III- Membership

Any person interested in singing, who displays vocal ability, shall be eligible for active membership in the Association, after audition and approval by the director, and payment of annual dues.

Section I- Classes of Membership

  1. Active membership consists of members who regularly attend weekly rehearsals, attend both annual concerts, and have paid membership dues no later than the second official rehearsal of the season. Participation in SummerSings is also encouraged. 
  2. Limited membership consists of members who have paid dues but participate in less than the full number of concerts for that season. 
  3. The Music Director and staff pianist shall be considered non-dues paying members of the Association.

Section II- Responsibilities of Membership

  1. Pay dues no later than the second official rehearsal of the season.
  2. Conduct oneself in a professional manner at rehearsals and concerts.
  3. Conform to the concert dress code as established by the Executive Board.
  4. Notify their section leader prior to an absence from rehearsal or a performance
  5. In the event of an absence from a rehearsal, obtain markings and notes from their section leader.
  6. Participate in both annual concerts
  7. Volunteer to serve on a standing committee. This will be done at the start of the season.
  8. Patricipation in SummerSings is encouraged but not required.

Section III- Resignation or Leave of Absence

  1. Resignation or leave of absence requires direct written communication with the Music Director and the Recording Secretary.
  2. Any person who is absent from two or more consecutive rehearsals without communication with their section leader shall be subject to termination at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  3. Members who miss more than two rehearsals shall not be permitted to sing in that concert without the Music Directors specific determination that that member is adequately prepared to sing in the concert.

Article IV- “Calliope” and “SummerSings”

Section I- “Calliope”

An offshoot of the main Chorale, “Calliope” is the organizations’ affiliated women’s choir. Members of “Calliope” are: 

  1. Chosen by the Music Director
  2. Must be active members of the Paul Madore Chorale
  3. Are to participate in their own annual concert, in addition to the two concerts presented by the main Chorale.

Section II- “SummerSings”

The SummerSings are off-season events held, specifically as a fundraiser for the chorale.

  1. Music is selected ahead of time by the Board 
  2. Conductors, Soloists, and Musicians are appointed or hired at the discretion of the Board and the Music Director. 
  3. Members of the PMC should be encouraged to volunteer with the set-up and participate in the event. 
  4. Entrance is by donation 

Article V- The Executive Board

Section I – Offices 

The offices of the Board of this association shall be a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding and Media Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian. The Music Director shall be a non-voting office of the Board. 

Section II – Election of Officers 

  1. Officers of the Executive Board shall be elected by a plurality of ballots cast by the membership. (Note: this is the only vote had by the membership. All other decisions regarding the Chorale will be decided by the Executive Board.) 
  2. In the event that a vacancy occurs in any office of the Association, the vacancy shall be filled by an active member, through nomination and open election of the Membership. 

Section III – Term of Office 

Each officer shall hold an office for a minimum term of one year, beginning with the new fiscal year (July 1st). Unless, due to extenuating circumstances, a standing officer has resigned in the middle of the fiscal year, in which case a new officer shall be elected and appointed immediately, following the above procedure. Resignation or leave of absence requires direct written communication with the Music Director, President, and the Recording Secretary. 

Section IV – Voting and Quorum

One more than fifty percent of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum (Or in the case of the election of Officers, one more than fifty percent of the Membership). 

Section V – Powers and Duties 

In addition to exercising the powers and discharging the duties specified in these by-laws, the Executive Board shall have the power and authority to control, manage and direct the affairs of the Association. 

Article VI- Board Meetings

Section I – Meeting Quorum 

All meetings require at least four members of the Board, to constitute a quorum. 

Section II – Annual Meeting 

The annual meeting of the Board shall be held on or about the fifteenth of June each year, unless otherwise scheduled by the Association Board. A yearly “Conflict of Interest Statement” shall be submitted by all Board members who also hold a paid position with the Chorale. 

Section III – Monthly Meetings 

  1. Monthly meetings shall take place on the second Tuesday of each month and are to begin at 7pm.
  2. Additional meetings may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis.

Article VII- The Music Director

The Music Director is both a paid member of the staff and a non-voting member of the Board. 

  1. The primary duties of the Music Director shall be as follows:
    1. Generally oversee and control all music-related aspects of the organization.
    2. Audition and prepare chorus members
    3. Conduct concerts
    4. Select music
    5. Audition and select soloists
    6. Source and/or approve musicians as needed
    7. Work with the officers of the Board to determine compensation for Soloists and ad hoc musicians.
    8. Keep the staff pianist abreast of all tempi
    9. Assign section leaders
    10. Attend all Board meetings
  2. At least once per year, presumably in the Fall, new members shall be auditioned and accepted as needed, in the various voice parts. If, for any reason, before a particular concert, the Music Director concludes that a voice section is lacking in strength, additional singers may be brought in, on an ad hoc basis, and at the Music Directors sole discretion, to balance the choral sound.
  3. The final selection of all music to be performed is at the discretion of the Music Director.
  4. Where economic considerations may seriously affect artistic decisions, much care will be taken by the Executive Board and the Music Director to make acceptable decisions with regard to concert matters. 

Article VIII- Staff

Section I – Staff Members 

At present, the only members of paid staff for the Chorale are The Music Director and the Staff Pianist. 

Section II – Staff Compensation 

Staff compensation shall be determined by the Board. Any member of the Board, including the Music Director, who might also be an officer of the Board, shall abstain from these discussions and shall carry no vote. 

Section III – Additional Staff

If at any point, the Board determines a need to create additional staff positions, they may do so with the consensus of a quorum.

Article IX- Annual Season

The annual season of the Association will normally extend from July 1st to June 30th, in conjunction with the fiscal year. 

Article X – Dues

The Executive Board Shall Determine the amount of the dues, if any, to be paid by each member of the Association. Dues shall be payable upon joining and annually thereafter.

Article XI – Music Library

  1. All music of the Association purchased for the library shall be the property of the Association.
  2. Members will be entitled to use of the library as distributed by the librarian for specific performances.
  3. Music shall be purchased as needed by the Music Director, with the approval of the Executive Board.

Article XII – Committees

Section I – Appointment 

Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Board on an “as-needed” basis. The President (or in their stead, the Vice President) shall be a member ex-officio of all committees. 

Section II – Duties 

The duties of all Committees shall be such as are specified in these by-laws, and set forth by the Executive Board. 

Section III – Committee Types 

Not all of the following committees are necessary to form for any given concert season. The decision to form such committees is at the sole discretion of the Executive Board.

  1. Section Leaders – One section leader per voice section may be assigned to go beyond the normal duties of taking attendance for their section, and might also be called upon to:
    1. offer guidance to section members who have questions and/or difficulty with the music.
    2. Serve as a conduit to the Music Director during rehearsals.
    3. Observe and coach their section to concert readiness
  2. Concert Set-up Committee – Appear at the venue at least half an hour before concert time to:
    1. Unfold chairs and tables and position specifically for the concert
    2. Set up a refreshment table and donation center, if included in a given concert.
    3. Set up music score distribution, if needed for a given concert.
    4. Set up a sign in and mailing list for the Welcome table.
  3. Concert Ticket Sales
  4. Program Ads and other Fundraising
  5. Grant Writing

Article XIII- Amendements

These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed, and new by-laws may be adopted at any meeting of the Board of the Association, by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds majority. Proposed amendments shall be available at least two weeks before this meeting.

Article XIV- Funds of the Association

The funds of the Association shall be raised by an annual sponsorship campaign for a collection of monies, and such other fund-raising projects as may be determined by the Executive Board. The funds raised, after the deduction of local campaign and operating expenses, shall be used exclusively in the furtherance of the purposes stated in Article II.

Article XV- Dissolution of the Association

Subject only to approvals required by law, upon the dissolution of other termination of the Association, all of the property of the Association and all of the net proceeds ofthe sale thereof, shall be distributed as the members of the Association Board shall select, to groups devoted to music, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual and no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and which does not participate in or intervene in, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, after all the debts have been paid.

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